Bag essentials for going out/school

Going to the cinema is fun. Except when you forget your purse and you don’t have any money to pay for your ticket, whilst all your friends do. It’s not that you’re unorganized, it’s just that you need a little help to remember the most important things you need when going out, or generally just at school. So here we go:

Purse, money, travel card and phone. Your essentials. Without these, you are more than lost. Imagine being stuck in the city without any means to pay for transport, or any phone to get your dad to save you. You need these things *essential to survival in London*.

Sanitary towels/tampons. Oh. My. Lord. There is nothing worse than realising Mother Nature has struck and you do not have a sanitary towel in your possession. Sure, you can buy some, but that initial panic is just… no one wants that. So just keep a few on you at all times.

Keys if you have any. You don’t want to stay outside until your parents or roommate gets home.

Makeup. I don’t always wear makeup but when I do, I always pack makeup removal in case. No one wants mascara all over their cheeks.


Hand cream/hand sanitizer. I have very dry hands so I need hand cream with me at all times (I highly suggest E45 Intense Recovery, it helps instantly if you have extremely dry hands). Hand sanitizer is always useful after using a public bathroom and especially after being on public transport.

Water/food/mints or gum. You need a water bottle in your school bag to keep hydrated not only at lunch, but throughout the day. And if you get peckish during the day or after lunch, you can always count on your little snack. Mints or gum are useful after lunch.

Tissues. There’s always that one person who doesn’t have a tissue and who keeps sneezing (I admit I am sometimes that person). But don’t be that person. Take tissues with you.


Body spray/perfume. Especially on gym day. I tend to always forget mine and use someone else’s, but don’t be like me (I’m working on it, bare with me).

Hairbrush/pins/elastics. Again, especially on gym day. I used to have this teacher who, if you told him you didn’t have anything to tie your hair with, would say “find a solution, I didn’t bring scissors”. That always made me laugh, but try to avoid it anyway.

So those are my bag essentials. Hope this helps to remember the main things 😀


Five Things I Want To Tell Teenage Girls

A break from Disney, people. I want to discuss today things I would like to tell teenager girls, as I am one myself, and would like to share things I have learnt over the years, especially this year. If you are also a teenage girl, or even a boy, or even an adult, feel free to add anything you want to tell teenage girls in particular (boy version of this post coming soon). So here we go:

1) You can’t be perfect. Most of us girls think of that one particular person who always look… perfect.

regina george

            Oh what a *perfect grr* smile.

Well guess what? No one, especially Regina George, is perfect. So stop trying to be, because perfect isn’t even a word. I admit to using it about a particular person, but I know she isn’t at all perfect. And if you think they are on the outside, they’re not on the inside.

2) Avoid the gossip. I gossip. You gossip. Everyone gossips. But we have to know when we’re going too far. If you go too far, things are going to get complicated. You’re going to get stuck in the middle of this swirl of gossip and drama and rubbish like that, when there are things way more important that telling someone else how this particular person dresses like a hobo.

3) Avoid saying horrible things about people. This is basically the same as number two, but I want to insist on this point. People always say that the bullies are the ones with the problems. They’re right. This applies to you too. You don’t want to be a bully. Because you’re going to get the reputation of a bully. If you’re upset or frustrated, don’t take it out on other people.

mean girls

It seems this is also a Mean Girls based post 🙂

4) Enjoy your teenage years and have fun. Some girls can’t wait to be old so they can have kids and a house and all of that adult stuff. But please stop and think for a second. You’re only a teenager once. Once it’s over, it’s over. There’s no coming back (unless they invent a time machine anytime soon). So enjoy it. Enjoy not having to pay taxes, dealing with having kids, work. Have fun.

5) You’re beautiful. No matter what you think right now, whether you think you’re too skinny, too fat, it doesn’t matter. And I know you’ve heard it before, but guess what? You’re hearing it again. So why don’t you just start believing it? I’m just like you if you still don’t believe me. I don’t have very high self esteem, just like many other teenage girls. So you’re not alone. And if that girl at school thinks you have a small nose or a round face or you’re too fat or you don’t dress like a supermodel, too bad for her. Because at least you know she’s wrong.

regina pretty

Hope you enjoy! Feel free to add anything 😀


I have a good way to motivate myself/make myself feel better after a long day, and that is by having a motivation wall. It’s very simple. All you need is Post-its, a Sharpie and your imagination.

Write a word or a sentence on each Post-it to motivate you/make you feel better/make you laugh. It can be anything. If you like to write books/blogs/stories, have a quote there (I have Ernest Hemingway’s “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit at a typewriter and bleed.”). If you’re in the middle of studying for a test, or finals, have something to encourage you to keep going. I have “Shut up and revise. Even if it’s maths.” (I don’t like maths, but I’m sure you understood that). Have something to read every time you’re sitting at your desk to remind you how great you are, or how you just have to keep going (Just keep swimming).


And aside from helping you to get motivated, it’s also really nice to look at. Post-its look nice anywhere and everywhere anyway. Decorate your motivation wall however you like, with different colours, styles of writing, doodles, shapes… Go wild!

Enjoy 😀

Top 10 Disney Songs

I really wanted to do this post, because I love Disney songs and Disney and films and ugh. Yeah. Let’s get on with this before I write a book about the awesomeness of Disney. So here it is, my Disney playlist you can listen to when you’re feeling sad (it will make you happy, I guarantee it).

1) Under The Sea


This song is just. Common guys, I just think it’s brilliant, and definitely something you have to listen to when you’re feeling sad.

2) Be Our Guest

be our guest

Love this one. The French accent is just exquiseeettteee.

3) Hakuna Matata

hakuna matata

The ultimate stress-free fun song. As they say “It means no worries for the rest of your days”. I love it so much I have a T-shirt with Hakuna Matata written on it.

4) Circle of Life

circle of life

NAAA SSSOO VEN YAAA BAAABAAA TTITTCCHHIII BABBAAAA. Alternate version but still just as good. But honestly, I’ve looked up the lyrics for this, and I STILL don’t get it.

5) Colours of the Wind

colours of the wind

So I recently saw Pocahontas (very late, I know) and this song is so beautiful. I’d already heard it, but seeing the actual picture with it was amazing, and I got to sing along (my parents were sooo happy).

6) Following the Leader

following the leader

I sometimes start singing this song when I’m with my friends, I have no idea why. And I love the “Tee dum, tee dee, a teedle ee do tee day” part.

7) Ma Belle Evangeline

ma belle evangeline

This is so cute. Ray and Evangeline forever people. I love this part in the movie, especially when they end up dancing together in the pond.

8) A Whole New World

a whole new world

I love this song, when they’re flying all over the world on a carpet. That sounded normal.

9) Bella Notte


Oh zis is zee night, it’s a beooootifool night!



I’m sorry, I had to. I was going to have Mother Knows Best, but then I saw I’ve Got A Dream and I See The Light, and I melted, because they’re all so great. And I know the lyrics to practically all of them.

So there you have it, do you agree with any of these? Any others to add?

San Andreas

san andreas

The trailer of this film really captivated me. I remember watching it and thinking “I must see this right now”. I don’t even know why. It’s not like it’s unique, there are plenty of apocalypse/tsunami/earthquake/survival films out there (thinking of at least ten right now). Anyway, three days after its release date, I was sitting in the cinema, waiting for this “candy-to-the-eye” film to begin. Until a couple of guys decided to move at the last minute directly in front of me. But that’s not the point.

Overall, I loved this film. Yes, it was oh so cliché and there were moments when I was thinking “oh common that is so going to happen. Of course.” and yes, it was a typical Hollywood film when the disaster brings the family back together, but so what? You need a bit of that once in a while, especially when you’ve been watching Britain’s Got Talent for the whole week.

Anyway back to the point. The story centres around Ray (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson), a helicopter-rescue pilot, divorced from Emma and desperately trying to keep his daughter, Blake (Alexandra Daddario) safe, whilst simultaneously shooting death glares at his ex-wife Emma’s (Carla Gugino) new boyfriend, Daniel (Ioan Gruffudd). In Nevada however, a strong earthquake breaks out on the Hoover Dam. Seismologist Lawrence loses his fellow colleague in the incident, and is desperate to warn people there is more to come: the whole San Andreas Fault is shifting, destroying major cities along the fault line. Ray is sent to Nevada to help, but he is instead forced to save Emma in Los Angeles, where the earthquakes have already begun. Together they must find their daughter in California, whilst fighting tsunamis, earthquakes and plain fear.

Cliché plot line, we all agree. But in a way you learn to love these characters and root for them, even though there’s the stereotype strong guy trying to save his family and the two naturally strong women who fight through extreme fear to do amazing things, such as parachuting out of a helicopter (fine, there was no other choice, but you’d have to be seriously persuasive to get me to do it).

Blake also befriends two Englishmen, with very posh accents, which I found quite amusing. And yes, even though there was a love story where the timing for the “romantic part” was absolutely appalling, I still think it was cute (difficult to enjoy the only light-hearted moment when the whole cinema was laughing).

But coming back to the special effects. Woah. I can’t even think of a word strong enough to explain how great they were. The tsunami, views from the helicopter of falling buildings and cities in ruins. But what also shocked me was the fact this can actually happen. This film can actually come to life. As the professor said at the beginning of the film “it’s not a matter of how, it’s a matter of when.”

But overall a brilliant film, cliché but good plot line, amazing special effects and likeable characters.

Britain’s Got Talent 2015

Okay, I was going to write one earlier about all the auditions and who was going to win and all that, but it all happened so fast, and the WINNER HAS BEEN CROWNED.

Congratulations to Jules O’Dwyer and Matisse!

I really loved this year’s competition, however, I believe that something was wrong. Very wrong. All along, I thought there was a setup somewhere, or that I was being tricked into thinking something that wasn’t true. And I was right. Beginning with our very own runner up, Jamie Raven. WHAT, may I ask, is going on there?

His audition is pretty impressive. Until the internet lashed out, and we found out that Jamie in fact knew Simon Cowell, and that they had chosen the 7 of hearts together. In addition, his pack of cards is available on Amazon for £10 pounds (according to the internet). Is this true, I don’t know. But it certainly sounds true. So on to his semi-final performance. What was that? Okay, goldfish for David, cool, ice for Alesha, pretty good, shoe for Simon. You can clearly see when he drops the ice into Alesha’s hands that he’s taken his shoe off. He then flicks it back into his pocket, asks Simon for the word on his paper and flicks it back out of his pocket again. But then, oh my God, I could hardly believe it.


Helicopter. That’s right, Amanda said helicopter. And Jamie acted as if he had no idea what she was going to say. There’s obviously a big sheet with a question mark on it, even though Amanda could have well said something simple like T-shirt, or DVD. The sheet goes up (keep in mind the large opening doors at the back are closed), a bit of commotion, and poof! A helicopter! And the large opening doors at the back are open.

Wow. Wonder how he did that.

When I was younger, Britain’s Got Talent was always so fun to watch and when a magician came on, I used to wonder how he did all of his tricks. This isn’t even magic. It was just a huge setup with the help of the producers who clearly knew what was going to happen. Which is why this year, although I still enjoyed it, I wasn’t always excited for the acts. I was excited to see what kind of setup was next, especially when Jamie Raven was on.

I have no idea why I wrote this post, but I had to lash out in confusion somewhere. I must say that I’m happy with the results, even though there was some setups with Matisse’s act too (turns out he didn’t even do the stunt with the ropes). But honestly, I’m still pretty confused with this show.

Does anybody agree with me? Or have you spotted anything else the internet hasn’t?

#100HappyDays Challenge

Recently I’ve been wanting to challenge myself for some odd reason, and after a few searches on Google, I came across the 100 Happy Days Challenge, which, after a few days thought, I decided to try out.

The rules are simple. You have to be happy for a 100 days, and each day, take a picture of whatever made you happy. Then you put the picture on any form of social media, or just send it directly to the challenge’s email (which is what I’m doing because I want to avoid that sort of thing on social media). The happy picture can be anything: your pet dog, a nice meal you had, an outing with friends, or even something weird, like your headphones or your stuffed teddy bear.

Let me just quickly explain why I think this challenge is a good idea. It makes you aware of everything around you that makes you happy, when you might not realise. Because you’re doing this challenge, you’re scouting for a picture to take. So you snap a picture of what made you happy on that day. But if you hadn’t started the challenge, maybe you wouldn’t have noticed that particular thing. See where I’m going? It’s a simple, yet good idea.

Which is why I encourage you to do it. Here’s the link to the challenge’s website, so you can sign up. And don’t forget, be happy.



Hey there, all you teens with exams coming up *yay so excited*.

So there comes a time when you realise you have to start studying and organizing and all that stuff no one wants to do. The easiest way, I find, is to make a study schedule. A study schedule, for those who can’t figure it out, is basically a calendar for studying. You’ll write down the different goals and assessments you set for yourself on a particular day. So here’s what you’re going to need:


Paper, pens, Post-its and highlighters

Now you’re going to stick as many pieces of paper together as you like (depending on how many days or months you want your study schedule to be), but I would honestly just go for a month at a time. Once you’ve done that, just go ahead and stick your Post-its one by one in horizontal and vertical lines, one Post-it for each day. When you’re done with that, write down each day’s date in the top left hand corner.

Now comes the fun part. Decorate your study schedule with stickers, doodles, drawings, anything you want. Once it’s all ready to go, make a list of all the different things you need to study. Then divide all the work into the amount of time you have, and write down a different task for each day. Smaller tasks (like learning a few vocab words) when you don’t have much time, and bigger tasks (learning a whole History chapter) during a weekend. Colour code your different subjects or tasks to make it easier and clearer in your mind.

But I’m not motivated enough to do work… Aha. Leave a little space on your study schedule or just stick another piece of paper at the bottom. Time to make your motivation/procrastination board. Make a list of things you love to do, or that distract you while you work (mine are Facebook, WordPress, YouTube, my phone,…) and one by one, write them down on a different coloured Post-it. Then get a pair of scissors and cut four lines down the bottom of the Post-it to create five tabs, writing down 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 on each one. If you’ve written four pages of your essay, or memorized twenty vocab words, you can allow yourself one YouTube video, a snack or ten minutes on Facebook to reward yourself. Just rip one of the tabs off each time you do.

food break

Am I the only one who is incapable of drawing a doughnut?

So there you have it! Good luck for your exams (for those who still haven’t done them yet) and I will be posting more tips on here as soon as I can!

Pitch Perfect 2

pitch perfect 2

PITCH PERFECT IS BACK! Sequel, yay! And a new Barden Bella too…

When we last left Beca and the girls, they had beaten The Treblemakers and won the a capella national competition. Now they’re back… to a rough start. During a special performance for Barack Obama’s birthday, Fat Amy makes a rather skimpy entrance and has an extreme wardrobe malfunction. Now the only way the Bellas can redeem themselves is by winning an international a capella competition that no American team has ever won. In order to do this, they must strengthen their bonds, their vocals, and of course, beat the very unbeatable German group, Das Sound Machine.


Yeah they’re pretty intense. In fact, at both their performances, I was clapping. I mean, they were so good. The only problem was there were wayyyyy too many of them and wayyyy too much intense choreography. The point is to sing, not dance (even though they’re really good at that too).

But coming back to the Bellas, who, having lost their harmony, struggle their way to the competition (example: Cynthia Rose’s head catches fire). Desperate to win it, they find Aubrey (dear, dear Aubrey) at her new job, and ask her to train them again.

I mean, I have to be honest, the movie was great. The whole cinema was in hysterics throughout it, and Fat Amy returned, funnier than ever, with more *Australian* catchy lines up her sleeve. Each and every one of them brought something different to the movie, and a new arrival (Emily) only added to the awesomeness that is the Bellas. Gail and John also returned as the world’s most “hated” commentary duo.

john and gail pp

I had to.

Anyway, I don’t want to spoil anything, but put it this way: if you liked Pitch Perfect, you’ll like Pitch Perfect 2. It’s funnier, louder, perfecter (I can say that, right?). The girls’ bond tighten as they realise the Bellas won’t exist forever, and that this international competition may be their last chance. Romance blossoming, friendship strengthening, Bellas singing. What could be better? Because who run the world? Girls.

Pitch Perfect 2. In cinemas now.

Ten Reasons Why I Love Orange Is The New Black

orange is the new black

l-r: Red, Lorna, Sophia (top), Nicky, Alex, Piper, Crazy Eyes, Gloria, Poussey, Taystee, Aleida, Pennsatucky, Daya

Favourite series ever. Can’t wait for June 12th! And it’s right in the middle of my exams *great*. Anyway, for those of you who don’t know what it’s about, the Netflix series follows Piper Chapman, who leads an otherwise happy life with her fiancé Larry (played by Jason Biggs, apple pie guy in American Pie). Until she is told she’s going to prison for something she did ten years ago. The story follows her journey in prison, as she goes from terrified newbie to strong and independent member of the prison clan.

So here are my ten reasons:

1) Girl power. This show proves how amazing and strong and brilliant women can be. Yes, they’re not all like that, and yes, some of them are mean or pure evil *Hum Vee*, but it shows how much women can deal with (nasty prison guards and the Shoe) and some of them are pretty hard-core.

2) The characters are just… I love them. All of them. Even the mean ones. They’re all so strong, and yet, they all have their soft spots, areas they like to avoid, people they care for. Red puts it nicely: “I care for my gurls.” I mean, they have such close relationships, and even though they’re always yelling at one another, in moments of need, they’re there for each other. And that, is what counts.

3) They have a character called Poussey. I mean, come on.

giphy poussey

Everybody loves the Name Game.

4) It makes prison look like summer camp. I mean, I’m not saying I’d like to go to prison, but they have just about everything they need in there. Okay, they don’t get a lot of room or privacy or nice plump beds, but they don’t need to pay for anything, they have a huge library, decent enough food, parties, board games, a television. They have good enough friends, activities, warm showers, a certain allowance for shampoo etc., and food out of mealtimes. Maybe it isn’t exactly like summer camp, because there’s the Shoe (where you go if you’ve done something pretty bad), but I never thought prison would be like that.

5) The theme song. It’s called “You Got Time” by Regina Spektor, and it’s so darn catchy. A few episodes in and I was singing along each time a new episode came on.

6) OITNB doesn’t wait around. Barely one episode in and you’re having the time of your life. You get to meet half the characters, and you know exactly what’s going on, and who’s in charge and who isn’t (Mendez the guard makes that quite clear).

7) When a character is evil, they’re evil. A nice example for this one is Vee. Vee tricks half the girls, and most of the audience into thinking that she’s an okay person not to mess with. We’re all wrong. We are all oh so wrong. Want to find out why? Watch what she does.

8) Flashbacks. Everyone likes a nice ol’ flashback. Here, you get a load every episode. Yes, you heard me. Every episode focuses on a particular character’s past and what they did to get into prison in the first place. And they’re so great because sometimes the character will have longer hair, or will look way younger, and you’ll unknowingly say out loud “OH MY GOD IT’S CRAZY EYES. LOOK, IT’S CRAZY EYES WHEN SHE WAS A LITTLE GIRL.” Trust me, the effect this show has on you is crazy.

9) Diverse characters. Might I just say that I have never seen a series with a transsexual woman in it? Yes, this is extraordinary. Sophia is one of the main characters, played by Laverne Cox, who is actually transsexual in real life. Her flashback explores her life before her transition when she was a father and a husband (played by her real life twin brother). A moment that particularly shocked me was when she was out shoe shopping with her son, after her transition. A man walked past, and she stopped him, recognizing him as an old friend. The guy spoke to her for a couple of seconds, then rushed away like he’d just seen a ghost. I expected this kind of reaction, and I’m sure Sophia did too, but I found his gesture extremely rude, and when I find something rude, I shout at the television. So OITNB, I salute you.


Sophia getting ready

10) It’s just good. It’s hilarious. It’s something you can watch when you’re feeling upset. You can watch Piper death glare Mendez, or Daya get all cuddly with Bennett, or Pennsatucky “heal” Watson’s knee by calling to the Lord (doesn’t work by the way). It’s definitely the best series I’ve watched (not many, but still). After watching both series one and two, I would do anything to meet a few of the characters.

Fancy giving it a try? Find it on Netflix!