Bag essentials for going out/school

Going to the cinema is fun. Except when you forget your purse and you don’t have any money to pay for your ticket, whilst all your friends do. It’s not that you’re unorganized, it’s just that you need a little help to remember the most important things you need when going out, or generally just at school. So here we go:

Purse, money, travel card and phone. Your essentials. Without these, you are more than lost. Imagine being stuck in the city without any means to pay for transport, or any phone to get your dad to save you. You need these things *essential to survival in London*.

Sanitary towels/tampons. Oh. My. Lord. There is nothing worse than realising Mother Nature has struck and you do not have a sanitary towel in your possession. Sure, you can buy some, but that initial panic is just… no one wants that. So just keep a few on you at all times.

Keys if you have any. You don’t want to stay outside until your parents or roommate gets home.

Makeup. I don’t always wear makeup but when I do, I always pack makeup removal in case. No one wants mascara all over their cheeks.


Hand cream/hand sanitizer. I have very dry hands so I need hand cream with me at all times (I highly suggest E45 Intense Recovery, it helps instantly if you have extremely dry hands). Hand sanitizer is always useful after using a public bathroom and especially after being on public transport.

Water/food/mints or gum. You need a water bottle in your school bag to keep hydrated not only at lunch, but throughout the day. And if you get peckish during the day or after lunch, you can always count on your little snack. Mints or gum are useful after lunch.

Tissues. There’s always that one person who doesn’t have a tissue and who keeps sneezing (I admit I am sometimes that person). But don’t be that person. Take tissues with you.


Body spray/perfume. Especially on gym day. I tend to always forget mine and use someone else’s, but don’t be like me (I’m working on it, bare with me).

Hairbrush/pins/elastics. Again, especially on gym day. I used to have this teacher who, if you told him you didn’t have anything to tie your hair with, would say “find a solution, I didn’t bring scissors”. That always made me laugh, but try to avoid it anyway.

So those are my bag essentials. Hope this helps to remember the main things 😀

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