Bag essentials for going out/school

Going to the cinema is fun. Except when you forget your purse and you don’t have any money to pay for your ticket, whilst all your friends do. It’s not that you’re unorganized, it’s just that you need a little help to remember the most important things you need when going out, or generally just at school. So here we go:

Purse, money, travel card and phone. Your essentials. Without these, you are more than lost. Imagine being stuck in the city without any means to pay for transport, or any phone to get your dad to save you. You need these things *essential to survival in London*.

Sanitary towels/tampons. Oh. My. Lord. There is nothing worse than realising Mother Nature has struck and you do not have a sanitary towel in your possession. Sure, you can buy some, but that initial panic is just… no one wants that. So just keep a few on you at all times.

Keys if you have any. You don’t want to stay outside until your parents or roommate gets home.

Makeup. I don’t always wear makeup but when I do, I always pack makeup removal in case. No one wants mascara all over their cheeks.


Hand cream/hand sanitizer. I have very dry hands so I need hand cream with me at all times (I highly suggest E45 Intense Recovery, it helps instantly if you have extremely dry hands). Hand sanitizer is always useful after using a public bathroom and especially after being on public transport.

Water/food/mints or gum. You need a water bottle in your school bag to keep hydrated not only at lunch, but throughout the day. And if you get peckish during the day or after lunch, you can always count on your little snack. Mints or gum are useful after lunch.

Tissues. There’s always that one person who doesn’t have a tissue and who keeps sneezing (I admit I am sometimes that person). But don’t be that person. Take tissues with you.


Body spray/perfume. Especially on gym day. I tend to always forget mine and use someone else’s, but don’t be like me (I’m working on it, bare with me).

Hairbrush/pins/elastics. Again, especially on gym day. I used to have this teacher who, if you told him you didn’t have anything to tie your hair with, would say “find a solution, I didn’t bring scissors”. That always made me laugh, but try to avoid it anyway.

So those are my bag essentials. Hope this helps to remember the main things 😀


I have a good way to motivate myself/make myself feel better after a long day, and that is by having a motivation wall. It’s very simple. All you need is Post-its, a Sharpie and your imagination.

Write a word or a sentence on each Post-it to motivate you/make you feel better/make you laugh. It can be anything. If you like to write books/blogs/stories, have a quote there (I have Ernest Hemingway’s “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit at a typewriter and bleed.”). If you’re in the middle of studying for a test, or finals, have something to encourage you to keep going. I have “Shut up and revise. Even if it’s maths.” (I don’t like maths, but I’m sure you understood that). Have something to read every time you’re sitting at your desk to remind you how great you are, or how you just have to keep going (Just keep swimming).


And aside from helping you to get motivated, it’s also really nice to look at. Post-its look nice anywhere and everywhere anyway. Decorate your motivation wall however you like, with different colours, styles of writing, doodles, shapes… Go wild!

Enjoy 😀

#100HappyDays Challenge

Recently I’ve been wanting to challenge myself for some odd reason, and after a few searches on Google, I came across the 100 Happy Days Challenge, which, after a few days thought, I decided to try out.

The rules are simple. You have to be happy for a 100 days, and each day, take a picture of whatever made you happy. Then you put the picture on any form of social media, or just send it directly to the challenge’s email (which is what I’m doing because I want to avoid that sort of thing on social media). The happy picture can be anything: your pet dog, a nice meal you had, an outing with friends, or even something weird, like your headphones or your stuffed teddy bear.

Let me just quickly explain why I think this challenge is a good idea. It makes you aware of everything around you that makes you happy, when you might not realise. Because you’re doing this challenge, you’re scouting for a picture to take. So you snap a picture of what made you happy on that day. But if you hadn’t started the challenge, maybe you wouldn’t have noticed that particular thing. See where I’m going? It’s a simple, yet good idea.

Which is why I encourage you to do it. Here’s the link to the challenge’s website, so you can sign up. And don’t forget, be happy.


Why I think sexism is still way out there

Sexism is a thing. People fight for it. People rebel against sexists. And that’s great. But, I’ve always thought that sexism is something that people worry less about now, unlike homophobia, which I still think is a serious issue. I guess I was wrong to think this.

I go to a mixed school, like most people my age, and no one I’ve met yet has been straightforwardly sexist, as in “I hate girls/boys, we should wipe them off the face of the earth” or something like that. But there’s definitely been, and come to think of it, always has been, sexism present in schools. And where mainly? Sport classes.

Yup. And it might not be everyone, but girls, you know who I’m talking about. Because girls suck at sports. Girls can’t kick a ball. Girls can’t throw a ball. Girls can’t run. “Hey bro! You run like a girl!” Heard that before? I’m sure you have. Now before I go any further, I’d like to say that I’m not blaming all guys out there. Because not all guys are like that. Some appreciate the fact that some girls are good at sports. I mean, look at her!

jessica ennis

Jessica Ennis

Who says that girls can’t play sports? Yeah, okay, boys are usually taller, more muscular, stronger, blablabla. But HOW in any way does it make us automatically rubbish at any type of sport?

I am reminded of a certain game called basketball. The one and only. I like it. I wouldn’t call myself a champion, but I’m okay. I can dribble, I can shoot, I can score. So why not pass it to me if I’m the only person you can pass it to? Obviously not. Some boys would rather pass it to another boy, who happens to be circled by four people, when he could pass it to me, a metre away from the basket, with no one in front or behind me. Where, might I ask, is the logic in that? Some girls play basketball away from school, and the boys respect them for that. But just because I don’t play basketball away from school doesn’t mean I’m bad at it. Quite a lot of guys are like this. Not all of them. Some have even complimented me before. But it’s still an issue I wish to discuss, and I’m sure a lot of girls have the same issue.

Another thing boys love to do is play solo. Yup. You know what that means. Football, basketball, team sports in general. Once that particularly egotistical guy has got the ball, there’s no stopping him. He will get kicked, smacked, anything, just to show off. Result? Nothing. The worst part is that some teachers don’t even notice. “It’s a team sport, pass the ball.” Sure. Tell that to solo guy.

One more thing. If you do happen to play a 1 versus 1 game, such as table tennis, boys will play easy. Easy as in pitiful easy. So easy it’s mocking you. Because they’re going to win anyway. And if you’re okay at table tennis or absolutely love playing it, like me, it’s upsetting that someone can’t take you seriously. They’ll be dancing around, giving you either super easy shots or nasty shots no one can return (not even a boy), and if you happen to score a few points, they’ll act as if they didn’t notice.

These are obviously only a few examples, and sport is an example I’m using. But there are definitely other reasons. For instance, the sentence “like a girl” is still an issue. What, because doing something “like a girl” means doing it badly, pathetically? Thanks guys, really. And I suppose that if the sentence doing something “like a boy” appeared, it would mean doing it well? Somehow, I think it would. And that is why I think that sexism is still way out there.

All equal

All equal