#100HappyDays Challenge

Recently I’ve been wanting to challenge myself for some odd reason, and after a few searches on Google, I came across the 100 Happy Days Challenge, which, after a few days thought, I decided to try out.

The rules are simple. You have to be happy for a 100 days, and each day, take a picture of whatever made you happy. Then you put the picture on any form of social media, or just send it directly to the challenge’s email (which is what I’m doing because I want to avoid that sort of thing on social media). The happy picture can be anything: your pet dog, a nice meal you had, an outing with friends, or even something weird, like your headphones or your stuffed teddy bear.

Let me just quickly explain why I think this challenge is a good idea. It makes you aware of everything around you that makes you happy, when you might not realise. Because you’re doing this challenge, you’re scouting for a picture to take. So you snap a picture of what made you happy on that day. But if you hadn’t started the challenge, maybe you wouldn’t have noticed that particular thing. See where I’m going? It’s a simple, yet good idea.

Which is why I encourage you to do it. Here’s the link to the challenge’s website, so you can sign up. And don’t forget, be happy.



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