Ten Reasons Why I Love Orange Is The New Black

orange is the new black

l-r: Red, Lorna, Sophia (top), Nicky, Alex, Piper, Crazy Eyes, Gloria, Poussey, Taystee, Aleida, Pennsatucky, Daya

Favourite series ever. Can’t wait for June 12th! And it’s right in the middle of my exams *great*. Anyway, for those of you who don’t know what it’s about, the Netflix series follows Piper Chapman, who leads an otherwise happy life with her fiancé Larry (played by Jason Biggs, apple pie guy in American Pie). Until she is told she’s going to prison for something she did ten years ago. The story follows her journey in prison, as she goes from terrified newbie to strong and independent member of the prison clan.

So here are my ten reasons:

1) Girl power. This show proves how amazing and strong and brilliant women can be. Yes, they’re not all like that, and yes, some of them are mean or pure evil *Hum Vee*, but it shows how much women can deal with (nasty prison guards and the Shoe) and some of them are pretty hard-core.

2) The characters are just… I love them. All of them. Even the mean ones. They’re all so strong, and yet, they all have their soft spots, areas they like to avoid, people they care for. Red puts it nicely: “I care for my gurls.” I mean, they have such close relationships, and even though they’re always yelling at one another, in moments of need, they’re there for each other. And that, is what counts.

3) They have a character called Poussey. I mean, come on.

giphy poussey

Everybody loves the Name Game.

4) It makes prison look like summer camp. I mean, I’m not saying I’d like to go to prison, but they have just about everything they need in there. Okay, they don’t get a lot of room or privacy or nice plump beds, but they don’t need to pay for anything, they have a huge library, decent enough food, parties, board games, a television. They have good enough friends, activities, warm showers, a certain allowance for shampoo etc., and food out of mealtimes. Maybe it isn’t exactly like summer camp, because there’s the Shoe (where you go if you’ve done something pretty bad), but I never thought prison would be like that.

5) The theme song. It’s called “You Got Time” by Regina Spektor, and it’s so darn catchy. A few episodes in and I was singing along each time a new episode came on.

6) OITNB doesn’t wait around. Barely one episode in and you’re having the time of your life. You get to meet half the characters, and you know exactly what’s going on, and who’s in charge and who isn’t (Mendez the guard makes that quite clear).

7) When a character is evil, they’re evil. A nice example for this one is Vee. Vee tricks half the girls, and most of the audience into thinking that she’s an okay person not to mess with. We’re all wrong. We are all oh so wrong. Want to find out why? Watch what she does.

8) Flashbacks. Everyone likes a nice ol’ flashback. Here, you get a load every episode. Yes, you heard me. Every episode focuses on a particular character’s past and what they did to get into prison in the first place. And they’re so great because sometimes the character will have longer hair, or will look way younger, and you’ll unknowingly say out loud “OH MY GOD IT’S CRAZY EYES. LOOK, IT’S CRAZY EYES WHEN SHE WAS A LITTLE GIRL.” Trust me, the effect this show has on you is crazy.

9) Diverse characters. Might I just say that I have never seen a series with a transsexual woman in it? Yes, this is extraordinary. Sophia is one of the main characters, played by Laverne Cox, who is actually transsexual in real life. Her flashback explores her life before her transition when she was a father and a husband (played by her real life twin brother). A moment that particularly shocked me was when she was out shoe shopping with her son, after her transition. A man walked past, and she stopped him, recognizing him as an old friend. The guy spoke to her for a couple of seconds, then rushed away like he’d just seen a ghost. I expected this kind of reaction, and I’m sure Sophia did too, but I found his gesture extremely rude, and when I find something rude, I shout at the television. So OITNB, I salute you.


Sophia getting ready

10) It’s just good. It’s hilarious. It’s something you can watch when you’re feeling upset. You can watch Piper death glare Mendez, or Daya get all cuddly with Bennett, or Pennsatucky “heal” Watson’s knee by calling to the Lord (doesn’t work by the way). It’s definitely the best series I’ve watched (not many, but still). After watching both series one and two, I would do anything to meet a few of the characters.

Fancy giving it a try? Find it on Netflix!

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