Five Things I Want To Tell Teenage Girls

A break from Disney, people. I want to discuss today things I would like to tell teenager girls, as I am one myself, and would like to share things I have learnt over the years, especially this year. If you are also a teenage girl, or even a boy, or even an adult, feel free to add anything you want to tell teenage girls in particular (boy version of this post coming soon). So here we go:

1) You can’t be perfect. Most of us girls think of that one particular person who always look… perfect.

regina george

            Oh what a *perfect grr* smile.

Well guess what? No one, especially Regina George, is perfect. So stop trying to be, because perfect isn’t even a word. I admit to using it about a particular person, but I know she isn’t at all perfect. And if you think they are on the outside, they’re not on the inside.

2) Avoid the gossip. I gossip. You gossip. Everyone gossips. But we have to know when we’re going too far. If you go too far, things are going to get complicated. You’re going to get stuck in the middle of this swirl of gossip and drama and rubbish like that, when there are things way more important that telling someone else how this particular person dresses like a hobo.

3) Avoid saying horrible things about people. This is basically the same as number two, but I want to insist on this point. People always say that the bullies are the ones with the problems. They’re right. This applies to you too. You don’t want to be a bully. Because you’re going to get the reputation of a bully. If you’re upset or frustrated, don’t take it out on other people.

mean girls

It seems this is also a Mean Girls based post 🙂

4) Enjoy your teenage years and have fun. Some girls can’t wait to be old so they can have kids and a house and all of that adult stuff. But please stop and think for a second. You’re only a teenager once. Once it’s over, it’s over. There’s no coming back (unless they invent a time machine anytime soon). So enjoy it. Enjoy not having to pay taxes, dealing with having kids, work. Have fun.

5) You’re beautiful. No matter what you think right now, whether you think you’re too skinny, too fat, it doesn’t matter. And I know you’ve heard it before, but guess what? You’re hearing it again. So why don’t you just start believing it? I’m just like you if you still don’t believe me. I don’t have very high self esteem, just like many other teenage girls. So you’re not alone. And if that girl at school thinks you have a small nose or a round face or you’re too fat or you don’t dress like a supermodel, too bad for her. Because at least you know she’s wrong.

regina pretty

Hope you enjoy! Feel free to add anything 😀

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