Pitch Perfect 2

pitch perfect 2

PITCH PERFECT IS BACK! Sequel, yay! And a new Barden Bella too…

When we last left Beca and the girls, they had beaten The Treblemakers and won the a capella national competition. Now they’re back… to a rough start. During a special performance for Barack Obama’s birthday, Fat Amy makes a rather skimpy entrance and has an extreme wardrobe malfunction. Now the only way the Bellas can redeem themselves is by winning an international a capella competition that no American team has ever won. In order to do this, they must strengthen their bonds, their vocals, and of course, beat the very unbeatable German group, Das Sound Machine.


Yeah they’re pretty intense. In fact, at both their performances, I was clapping. I mean, they were so good. The only problem was there were wayyyyy too many of them and wayyyy too much intense choreography. The point is to sing, not dance (even though they’re really good at that too).

But coming back to the Bellas, who, having lost their harmony, struggle their way to the competition (example: Cynthia Rose’s head catches fire). Desperate to win it, they find Aubrey (dear, dear Aubrey) at her new job, and ask her to train them again.

I mean, I have to be honest, the movie was great. The whole cinema was in hysterics throughout it, and Fat Amy returned, funnier than ever, with more *Australian* catchy lines up her sleeve. Each and every one of them brought something different to the movie, and a new arrival (Emily) only added to the awesomeness that is the Bellas. Gail and John also returned as the world’s most “hated” commentary duo.

john and gail pp

I had to.

Anyway, I don’t want to spoil anything, but put it this way: if you liked Pitch Perfect, you’ll like Pitch Perfect 2. It’s funnier, louder, perfecter (I can say that, right?). The girls’ bond tighten as they realise the Bellas won’t exist forever, and that this international competition may be their last chance. Romance blossoming, friendship strengthening, Bellas singing. What could be better? Because who run the world? Girls.

Pitch Perfect 2. In cinemas now.

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